00:07:20<@arkiver>yeah they are adding resources every now and then
00:07:24<@arkiver>but demand is high
00:22:01<Ryz>Is there extra reserves for people who have Internet Archive accounts?
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00:43:53<@arkiver>as far as I know now
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01:04:52<Ryz>...I wonder if there's a way to see what's directly being archived on WBM via SPN
01:05:12<Ryz>Akin to https://archive.is/rss
01:07:18<Ryz>Hmm, I'm trying to find the RSS feed of Archive.is - it's been really some time since seeing that...
01:21:41<OrIdow6>I don't think that exists for SPN (though IIRC IA does have internal information about it)
01:21:56<OrIdow6>Could be a sort of privacy issue as well
01:22:16<OrIdow6>Though I suppose it's technically possible to figure it out after it happens (except for blacklisted sites)